Definition of a Health Coach

Traditional Medical Professionals

While traditional medical professionals play specific roles in contributing to an individual’s overall wellness, the current model fails to bring about lasting healthy lifestyle changes. Physicians, nurses, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals serve crucial functions. Still, they may not have the time or intent to discuss other factors that prevent clients from carrying out their well-intentioned recommendations.

Health Coaches

Health Coaches serve a unique function that fills this void in the current healthcare model. Health Coaches do not compete with other healthcare providers. Instead, they complement all health professionals to help clients develop targeted goals and a viable plan for carrying out regimens prescribed by their medical professionals and enact essential, health-supportive modifications and habits.

By supporting real-world lifestyle and behavioral changes, Health Coaches can play a crucial part in health maintenance, disease prevention, and even disease reversal – supporting the concerted mission of all healthcare professionals to increase the health and quality of life for all individuals!

Next Steps…

I’m interested in improving my health and well-being, what is the next step?

Allyn will conduct a health and wellness history screenings for those interested. There is a short form that needs to be filled out and he can conduct the session via phone, skype, or in person. There is a limit to clients he can take.

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