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*Wellness Health History

A Wellness Health History is the first phase of determining a suitable partnership for the Client and Health Coach. There is a multi-page form that the Client fills out that is returned to the Health Coach prior to the meeting. Arrangements are made to meet in person or over the phone. The session lasts fifty minutes and is complimentary currently.


Download Health History and Circle of Life form here:
Female Health History Form
Male Health History Form
The Circle of Life Form

*Six-month program

The Six-month program is recommended so that lasting changes in life-style can be made.

*Standard Six-Month program includes;

  1. Two fifty-minute Health Coaching Consultation Sessions each month on the same day and same time (if possible) in person or by phone.

Note: Health Coaching Sessions focus on balancing a person’s lifestyle. Topics include Relationships, Career, Exercise, Spirituality, Creativity, Finances, Education, Health, Home Cooking, Social Life, Joy, and Home Environment. I work at the client’s speed and discretion and all sessions are confidential.

  1. 24-hour email support with a one-day window for responding to questions is provided throughout the program.
  2. Handouts that relate to the client’s needs will be provided. I have attended hundreds of lectures at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition by the Industries top Doctors, Nutritionist, Dieticians, Financial advisors, Fitness Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Holistic Medicine Experts, Meditation Experts, Food Specialists, and the founder of the longest running Health and Nutrition school. I have a vast knowledge of nutrition backed by easy to access, professional lecture notes, diagrams, exercises, and recipes.
  3. The Client and Health Coach work together to find a sustainable meal program that is unique for their needs and their families. No more fad diets, they don’t work.
  4. Easy fun recipes for the best proteins, carbohydrates and fats for ultimate nutrition.

*Six-Month program extras;

  1. Cooking demonstrations. Free
  2. Books that relate to topics in the Health Coaching. Free
  3. Grocery Store Purchasing and Field Trip. Free
  4. Farmers Market Field Trip. Free

Additional Programs

Complete pantry and kitchen overhaul

This service replaces a Client’s bad food with good food throughout the kitchen. The process would include;

Menu planning, grocery lists, grocery store shopping, in home cooking, food storage, food safety, chef skills, and demonstrations. The service is available locally and remotely.

This program is designed to take a client on a Six-Month Program to the next level of health very quickly.

Juicing regimen

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetable three times a day may be the best way a person improves their gut microbiome. Juicing may assist in substantial weight loss. Juicing supplies all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetable without consuming all the fiber. A healthy diet should consist of the consumption of 50% raw organic vegetables and fruits. Following a Juicing program will increase your energy.

This program assists the client with the purchase of a juicer, if not already on hand (based on value, type, ease of cleaning, and storage). We formulate the method to buy and prepare fruits and vegetables in advance because that can be the most time-consuming process if not done properly. Juices can not be made in advance because they quickly loose their nutrition (this is a fact regardless of what you may have been told). Recipes for juices are tailored to the clients taste.

Converting to a plant-based diet

 Removing animal protein, dairy, cheese, eggs and fish from the diet.

I have written a book called We Just Don’t Eat Lettuce about how I went from a carnivore to a plant-based diet overnight. I have a great method for helping people make this change. Benefits from a plant-based diet may include weight loss, reducing dependence on prescription medicine (with a doctor’s oversight), reversing damage done to the endothelium and endothelial cells from years of poor diets, prevention of some of the most preventable diseases including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and dementia (these are potential benefits depending on the persons lifestyle and willingness to change, I am not a doctor and am not making any claims of curing any of the above ). Services can range greatly depending on the clients needs. 


Continuation of a Six-Month Course

A client has the option to sign onto a continuation of the Six-Month Course after finishing their initial course. This will take them deeper into their health and wellness goals if needed. The initial Six-Month course is designed to provide the necessary tools for the client to become self-sufficient in their lifestyle changes.

Client Check in

After a client has completed a six-month course, they may choose to schedule a one-month follow-up to monitor their progress. This would include two fifty-minute sessions with the Health Coach to check in with concerns or potential draw-backs in their lifestyle changes. 


Next Steps…

I’m interested in improving my health and well-being, what is the next step?

Allyn will conduct a health and wellness history screenings for those interested. There is a short form that needs to be filled out and he can conduct the session via phone, skype, or in person. There is a limit to clients he can take.

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